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"Tempo" and the pace of your life.

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"Tempo" 40x48 SOLD Prints available.

"Tempo" 40x48 SOLD Prints available.

Sometimes there is a painting that gets a tremendous response. This painting has been on display at Big Sky Cafe in San luis Obispo for several weeks now and I've had at least a call a week about it. I am very pleased with it, not just a beautiful painting but as a placeholder for a moment in time and a lesson.

I am a bit of a workaholic. I hold myself to high standards and demand not only good work, but growth as well. When things get rough or opportunities don't present themselves as I think they should, I tend to knuckle down and try harder. Longer days, consuming more information, reaching in new directions. It becomes a bit of a feedback loop. The coping mechanism for my work.... is working more. It was on a day like this, phone in one hand and paintbrush in another when I had an unexpected visitor.  Behind my workspace is a little greenhouse and there a hummingbird worked himself against the glass ceiling, trying ever harder to get out.  It came to the point where intervention was needed and this little guy was so tired, as I offered him a perch he took it and I snapped as many shots of him as I could as I took him to the door and off he went. It was a beautiful moment. It was remarkable to have such an up close look at such a jewel of a creature. 

The painting began shortly after. And in the long days of staring into it I saw my relationship with my work.  That is how it got it's title. "Tempo"

Sometimes the way around an obstacle is not to work harder or faster, but to relax.  

I have prints available of "Tempo" at 20x24 $600 in an edition of 200

and at the original size 40x48 in a small edition of 10 at $1800.

If any of you out there have questions about my work or would like to hear about a painting, send me an email.