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Audiobooks are one of the greatest technological developments for a painter. For anyone with a hands on task they are a great tool for exercising your mind as you go. As an artist I love watching how the content or thoughts from the books inserts itself back into the work that I make. This world is a bottomless pit of discovery and wonder.

Here are the books I listened to this past year and a few that I’m studying that don’t really translate to audio. My wish list is LONG but if you see a book I’m missing that I should make time for feel free to pass it along. If you follow the links to any of these books you can listen to a sample free to get an idea of what they are about. I left out a few that I’m still working on and one that I wouldn’t recommend. Enjoy!

Ashley's book of knots (Non Audio)

The New Glenans Sailing Manual (Non Audio)

Rationality from AI to Zombies



The professor and The Madman


The Crack In The Edge Of The World

The Map That Changed The World

The Perfectionists

...anything Simon Winchester

Minds Make Societies

Ends Of The World

There Will Be No Miracles Here

Philosophy Of Sailing

These Truths

21 Lessons For The 21st Century

The Ego Tunnel


How To Change Your Mind


Life 3.0

Enlightenment Now

Bullshit Jobs