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Home! ...and back to work

jill waterburyComment

I arrived home and after a few days of simply soaking up the beauty it’s back to work. I have three shows in the surrounding towns that all begin in the next month. One of which covers quite a bit of wall space. So I still have quite a bit of painting to do before I meet the mark. This weekend I’ll be back in front of ‘Good Clean Fun’ a surf shop in Cayucos, CA where I set up and sell my paintings. It’s part of my adventure as an artist that I feel really good about. There is instant feedback from the passers-by and it makes art accessible to people. The value of which has been become very clear from my adventures with the toy paintings. 

     I’m painting a lot right now. Trying to wrap up projects that have been lingering for far too long, and taking valuable space in my tiny little home. Among these unfinished projects that I hope to complete this month, the ‘For Love Of The Sea’ mural will be completed in the next couple of weeks and I will have some decent photos of it soon. There are a few really cool events for community fundraising at the venue where the mural is displayed and so I am working to bring people to the events and get more people standing in front of this beautiful mural. 

      One more tidbit worth mentioning. I picked up my first order of screen printed shirts from Inkwerks in Ventura and they did a great job. Hopefully the first of many of my designs to become wearable art.