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jill waterburyComment

I’m in Los Angeles for a couple weeks working on some projects here for a client that I have done a lot of painting for. Upon arriving at their house this time, it occurred to me just how many hours of my life are spread out across their walls. They have a fascination with WWII history which means artwork that revolves around that theme. It’s been educational and has resulted in a very individual atmosphere.

The pace of life in Los Angeles is difficult for me anymore.

Today woke up early to look for surf. It was a rather sad affair considering how far I had to drive to look. Leaving the beach I left my phone on top of my car and heard it scratch across the roof and hit the pavement as I turned out onto the road. I pulled over and retrieving my mostly undamaged phone I found a hundred dollar bill on the side of the road.

A reminder to shut up with my complaining and take what comes. I took myself out to breakfast.