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jill waterburyComment

I spent today working on the mural in Morro Bay and worrying about all the details of moving it for the festival on Sunday and so on. Today marked the fifth day of actual painting on the project and the water is really beginning to take on motion. The response from the community has been hugely uplifting. Though the media coverage, I must admit, embarrasses me a bit. I recently saw footage of myself and....well, that can be a little weird. Watching myself stammer and sift through my inner rolodex is challenging. I aspire to be concise and articulate and at the same time inclusive. I try and avoid drawing lines in the sand but the very language we speak seems to require it.

The project is informing a lot of people of the issue of the seismic testing that is being proposed here and in an inspiring way. The mural brings them to the issue. A sense of wonder! The magic of it never ceases to amaze me. 

I feel this is an important issue for this community and have acted thusly. I’ll be the first to admit that I could just be a nut with a paint brush. The jury is out.  Above all in my interactions with people I try and encourage them to seek out the issues in the community that mean something to them and find the courage to act. Seek source material and both ends of an argument to make an informed decision. With this project I have learned how incredibly vulnerable and exposed investing yourself can be. There are a few things on my mind as far as that goes that I think are worth mentioning. 

Greater awareness means greater sensitivity. 

It seems people are try to protect themselves from this and it often used against them. 

Critical thinking is key to self discovery and relating yourself to the world.

And therefore relates directly tho the previous point.

         .....and there it is .... my first blog. I’m going to try and take the rest of the day off now.